Our Programs

The Global Law Students Association (GLSA) is Melbourne Law School's only student association with a solely international focus. The goal of the GLSA is to provide its members with information and access to international career opportunities as well as the chance to participate in programs and events designed to facilitate and foster interests in, and awareness of, international legal issues.

To achieve these goals, the GLSA runs three programs

Professional Development Program

The Professional Development Program involves a number of initiatives designed to foster our members' interests in international issues and events, legal and non-legal, private and public. There are two key initiatives under the program: the Global Thinking Lecture Series and the Coffee Hour Discussion Series.


A primary aim of GSLA is to assist students with their pursuits of careers in international law, as well as practising domestic law abroad. Headed by the careers portfolio, GLSA provides a number of avenues for students to begin their discovery of opportunities in the law within a global context. These aims are facilitated through the Association's annual Global Careers Guidebook and co-hosting Firm Showcase Events and Law Fairs.

International Student Program

The International Student Program is co-directed by the GLSA and the Law Students' Society. It aims to cater to the growing cohort of international students at Melbourne Law School.

For more information, please see the detailed program pages. Alternatively, join us at one of our many events.