A primary aim of GSLA is to assist students with their pursuits of careers in international law, as well as practising domestic law abroad. Headed by the careers portfolio, GLSA provides a number of avenues for students to begin their discovery of opportunities in the law within a global context.

GLSA provides a range of information on international law career opportunities via its annual flagship publication of the Global Careers Guidebook. The Guidebook features a compilation of useful and important information from the jurisdictional difference between domestic law in international countries to various organisations active in the international law field. The Guidebook is made available to MLS students at the start of each academic year.

Additionally, GLSA organises a range of career-related events to further increase students’ exposure to the experiences of working in international law. Example of such events that have been successfully held in previous years are the International Law Legal Internship Panel and the Public International Law Breakfast Panel. Both events feature notable speakers sharing their experiences in working in international law, allowing students to gain valuable insight. GLSA will continually use such events as a conduit to connect students with international law career opportunities.

Global Careers Guidebook

The Global Careers Guidebook is a compendium of contacts, insight and information which acts as a go-to resource for MLS students seeking to go global. This is released annually with up-to-date content ranging from public and private law, to legal and non-legal opportunities, including internships and overseas study, and is organised according to specific regions. This year's Guidebook, to be released in September, seeks to improve on past years by better showcasing careers and opportunities in including Public International Law opportunities as well as International Private Law, International Business and Non-Government Organisations. For copies of our current Global Careers Guidebook please click here.

Firm Showcase Events and Law Fairs

In addition, our Global Careers Fairs and Firm Showcase Events will occur at several reprises over the year, in collaboration with Melbourne Law School's Career Development Services and the Law Students' Society. The Hong Kong Law Fair will span over several days and will grow from last year to include firm panel discussions, individual firm sessions, and informal networking breakfasts. We also hope to organise an International Public Law Fair, an area that has received significant interest from students. Firm Showcase Events, which add a tangible dimension to the Global Careers Program by highlighting sponsor firms' key international opportunities and recent work, allowing students to gain a further insight into what it would be like to work as a global lawyer and whether this is something they would like to pursue.

There will be more to come so please check back for regular updates on global opportunities, international matters and related events!

For further information about this Program and its initiatives please contact our Global Careers Directors at: